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2. About Me

Why Queen Leorah?

You might be wondering why I am calling myself a queen..

Actually, I believe that every woman is meant to be a queen, and has to go on a journey of finding her true self, of cleaning her soul and heart, of growth in character and personality, and of self acceptance and love. Now that’s what turns a woman into a queen. 

I know that a confident women can conquer THEIR OWN world and I myself will prove it to you. Don’t give up your dreams and what your heart always wanted, and start finding the right confidence to prove it to yourself. You can reach whatever goal you want in this life.

The looks of a woman, what her style is, where she’s coming from, her heritage and culture, what skin color god blessed her with, what circumstances she is in, women are supposed to shine with those things, whether they’re good or bad in some peoples eyes, do not let em tear you down. That is what makes you, you, it’s time to make the decision to be the best version of yourself. Start shining!

That’s exactly what I am going to do. I am reaching for my dreams and I’m finally ready to grab them. My life has been such an interesting journey of extreme up’s and down’s, and if you want to listen, I will share some of my stories with you, through my music, my videos, and my pictures.

I am Queen Leorah, and I am about to conquer the world, so get ready!

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